Mapping 1/3

Mapping is a general issue in the information landscape. How to professionally garnish more or less complex data so it becomes savoury and easily digestible in an interactive way is a special dish in the media informatics fields so we discussed techniques and observations during lectures and workshops at university.

The final workshop unit was a Do-it-yourself go-out-and-map-something excercise, raising the questions of What and How seemlessly implicating the Why.

Agenda Item #1: We need an idea.

After some hours of windless Brainstorming we decided that the most productive way of getting it done would be machine based managed fluke which led us to gambling with the one-armed bandit - the professional term for this brainstorming technique is semantic intuition.

To give a machine the opportunity of feeding us with a initial idea we tinkered a program which kind of randomly displays a 2 word mash of limited media based vocabulary. It's primary function was the suggestion to map X on Y.

The most interessting suggestion (among a lot of weird ones) was to map Emotions on Film.

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