Context Aware Gaming

The context aware soccer manager is basically a browser game including mobile extensions mixing real world and web experiences.

Whereas the regular league takes place in the browser, training a team demands the user to perform real world actions with his mobile phone.

The game was developed as a project of the University of Applied Sciences Bremen and was rewarded with the first place at the Bernd-Artin Wessels Innovationprice 07.

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Mapping 3/3

Agenda Item #3: So here is the thing

We are going to track the emotions of people while watching several movies. The basic emotions will be color coded and this information will result in a color bar which is representing the movie.
Now, if you like to watch a movie you just describe how it should like to be and the system can make suggestions based on your description. It's like cooking and the decision about which ingredients will make the meal.

Here are some examples:

The Last Samurai

The Matrix

Walk The Line


Bambi 2

The Lake House

Bad Boys 2

Sure, this is just a finger excercise but can be seen from a wide perspective. Bon Appetite :-)

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Mapping 2/3

Agenda Item #2: How to map X on Y (and why)

Movies generally lack, as any other media does too, from classification issues. Categorizing media helps to build up feature groups or to browse it, for example. The problem of genre classification will jump right into your face if you spend some time drifting around in a video store wondering what makes this or that film to a action flick or to a drama.

Furthermore our motivation was to find an easy way of selecting a film you might like to see based on contextual parameters. Think of the situation of people asking the videostore guy for advice. Usually they are looking for a film which is having this or that.

In this case the parameters are limited to: Emotions or the question of "How do you want to be entertained?"

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