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This summer I got the chance to participate in IBM's Extreme Blue program and I would like to drop a few lines for people who think about doing the same thing.

As a student I was very curious how it may be like in one of the busiest development and research facilities of the big blue. Thinking about some superlatives I also wondered how the place itself is, who and how are the guys working there and if we could have a nice time together doing some cool stuff.

Bottom Line upfront: Extreme Blue rocks!

and these are some reasons:
  • It is during the semester holidays... and if you are not from around Stuttgart there additionally is a great town to discover.
  • There are 4 teams in 4 different projects with 4 members each adding up to 16 nerds from all over wherever that you can spend a summer with. A lot of them became good friends.
  • This bunch roughly multiplies by 5 during the Extreme Blue Expo. This is where all European teams meet somewhere in Europe to present and discuss their projects. Naturally there is a hell of a party afterwards :-)
  • Participating seems like a small team start-up simulation with all the aspects, which means you have to go through the whole project foobar process and you are included in nearly any choice. The big pro: There is a countless crowd of consultants behind your back.
  • Besides the mentioned team members you will work and meet with people from all over the world. Managers, Researchers, Developers, Specialists etc. that all tell their own story. Individually helpful.
  • Although one might think the project is challenging enough, the timetable is enriched with social skill training, technical seminars and social events.
My project was about techniques for interweaving virtual data and real objects on the base of active RFID concerning monitoring and maintenance issues.

FYI. the direct link to the Boeblingen page.

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