Fastfood Software

A while ago Adobe announced their cross-platform Integrated Runtime environment for creating Rich Internet Applications.

To me this sounds like a perfect opportunity for rapid prototyping in software development or the creation of stuff I'd like to call Fastfood Software. These are tools utilized as daily problem solver but not that important one should spend a lot of time creating them. Reasons are trial and error issues or short time usage. Anyway... Playing with AIR I created a prompt for platformwide saving TODO's on toodledo - an essential GTD gadget.

Concerning FAST cooking, this is receipt:
  • A free Toodledo account with its REST interface for all the data stuff
  • The java Toodledo client made by Marc as code base
  • J2AS3 Java to Actionscript 3 converter translating the code Marc wrote
  • The as3 corelib e.g. for MD5 crypto feature needs
  • A nice Date Chooser made by Roy
  • Some graphics... basically Icons
  • And as bun some code I wrote wrapping it up and representing the app
That's rounding up to 3 hours of work for getting fully functional but simple software. Served Chilled.

FYI: For using Toodledo in program space I highly recommend using Fluid and nonimage's css hack for Toodledo Things style or Jake's Toodledo Quick Add for Firefox

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