AR Flashlight

Some months ago a couple of colleagues at Fraunhofer ESK Munich and me duct-taped a mobile projector together with a webcam aiming at a software solution to combine the intuitive work with physical information resources, e.g. books or papers (for research or courseworks) with the benefits of online research, e.g. effective search or cross referencing.

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Mobile Assistance Systems

For the last few weeks I have been involved in a research project called ELEPHANT (backronymic for: Elements for Pervasive and Handheld Assistants) helping to design a kind of mashup-IDE to develop mobile, multimodal and context sensitive assistance applications.

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One of the first attempts on serious modelling...

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Face to Face

Here are some faces I once scribbled to add a kind of personal touch to a mobile soccer game. By dynamically combining several parts (skulls, noses, eyes and mouths) to a single face, it became feasible to generate a number of distinguishable field players at little cost. The whole trick does anyones brain by generally recognizing little variations in peoples faces.

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