Plug and Play

This undercover USB stickman is a usability nightmare, probably not a long term investment but ingenious on so many different levels. Kudos to whoever contrived the little man, you make me smile.

Yours truly, Homo Ludens

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Creative Cretaceous

I liked school. Not the whole deal in general, in parts it has been very boring. But there are a few things about this place that I start to miss and wish to incorporate back into the everyday. One of the things I miss the most are the big chalkboard walls in every room.

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Hacking Expedit

Recently we decided to beef up our bland ikea furniture a bit. The victim was an expedit rack that we use as a hi-fi rack in our living room. I am a huge fan of pixel art and would cover my whole appartement in 8-bit if I could. Anyhow, as we wanted it to be something that is functional and nice to look at, we decided the only reasonable thing to do is to cover the whole rack with a curtain of dice.

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Multichannel Experiences

Recently I have to deal a lot with user experiences of services and products that live simultaneously on websites, microsites, mobile, in mail or social media, in-store and even in call centres. These services and products, to which we refer to as multichannel experiences, can be quite challenging to get right.

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Browser Gaming

A Logo for a new browser based realtime strategy game that some friends and I are working on.

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Infographics Love

I love Infographics. Extensive problems explained quick and easily digestive, appealing, engaging. Recently I talked to the creators of Ubuntu about opening up the OS to a wider audience and used this tiny Infographic to open up the conversation...

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Doodle, Erase

A couple of days, I stumbled upon an old magna doodle board at a flea market in London. Doodling on it is pure amusement. Doodle, erase, doodle, erase, think visual. Anyway it feels almost like a necessity to incorporate this doodle board into some sort of tinker project. It might be a great remote drawing surface. Arduino and so on. Some day...

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Learn Something Every Day

Learn Something Every Day is a brilliant project. Every day the folks at Young put out a new fun fact skit that amuses me a lot. Though I do look at their site on an almost daily base and even subscribed to their feed, I was wondering if their might be a somehow ubiquitous way to integrate these little units of mental candy into an everyday.

That's why they can now be streamed to a Chumby.

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