Elevator Pitch

Many companies present themselves on the interweb. Many of them do the same stuff.

So how do you stand out?

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Poppy Vanilla Pseudo Challa

The traditional Challa is a very rich bread, full of sugar and eggs, yet scrumptious and a feast for the senses. There are many recipe variations available, even some eccentric ones and recently we ran into an adaption that sounded too good not to be tried. The Poppy-vanilla Challa. We changed the recipe slightly to a more everyday bread, but kept the slight vanilla-butter-sugar tone.

Digital Wedding Preparations

I’m excited that Michelle and I will finally celebrate our marriage in the alps, bringing together family and friends from all over the world. Due to the babylonian nature of the event we are keeping it takes quite some preparation to get everybody on track. However it is also a lot of fun :-)

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Removing Stumbling Blocks In Mobile Forms

Hands down, forms are probably one of the most annoying topics when it comes to user interfaces. For users as well as for designers it seems to be an odyssey, brimming with bad experiences. In the last couple of months, I have been working in a lot of projects involving interfaces for mobile devices in all shapes and colors. For me, it was very interesting to observe in user testing how my designs as well as the designs of colleagues, although all of them seemed to be very informed and sometimes clever solutions, finally were torn apart by users.

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Side projects are the bee's knees. I am helping out a friend with some design work. Above our current logo idea. There new baby is a sort of video heap. As you surf the net, you can add interesting videos to the heap (or the queue = qew). Then, when you are bored or have the time to watch a video, qew will have already sorted your collection and will suggest a good one to watch.

Looking forward to see, where that goes.

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It's all about the Snooze

I am not a morning person. I never was and will probably never be, but I have a plan. In the last couple of years I tried many things to improve my personal ability of getting out of the bed in morning, after a fashion. The problem is simple and consistent. I work late, tinker until early in the morning, sleep, try to do some sport, run to work. Most of the times: half asleep. This is going to end.

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Buffalo Bin

Seeing a bunch of kids swarming around any kind of furball in a petting zoo is quite normal and mostly adorable. Seeing a bunch of kids swarming around a trash can in that same petting zoo made me look closely. In fact it made my day.

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